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To Make A Comedy Is No Fun (Flyer)

To Make A Comedy Is No Fun

Robert Kolinsky – 2016

In 1968, Czechoslovakian director Jiří Menzel wins the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film with CLOSELY WATCHED TRAINS – his first feature film ever. Only one year later his next film LARKS ON A STRING is banned by the government. But Menzel decides to stay in socialist Czechoslovakia and continues working as director and actor for theatre and film. His comedies and costume dramas are a commercial success, gently testing the boundaries of authorities with his well hidden political messages. More

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Shortcuts - Kurzgeschnitten (Flyer)

Shortcuts - Kurzgeschnitten

Jiri Menzel – 1981

The enchanting atmosphere of familiarity reins in this sleepy yet jolly provincial town at the beginning of the 1920s. It seems as if inherited traditions would rule in the distinct world of the brewery, but in reality change slowly reaches everything. Francin, the young janitor in the brewery buys a radio, and this brilliant invention once for all proves that the time of “shortcuts” has arrived: everything is getting closer, distances decrease. More

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Those Wonderful Movie Cranks (Flyer)

Those Wonderful Movie Cranks

Jiri Menzel – 1978

At the beginning of the 20th century, a film projectionist tours through Bohemian villages and dreams of opening a cinema in Prague. He allies himself with a young cameraman (played by Jiří Menzel), who in turn has a dream: He longs for true-to-life films that deal with the reality of people. Menzel's Those Wonderful Movie Cranks is one of the most beautiful tributes to the pioneers of the silent era, and the film is also a melancholic reflection on necessary concessions. More

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Seclusion Near a Forest (Flyer)

Seclusion Near a Forest

Jiri Menzel – 1976

During an excursion, a family from the big city discovers an old farmhouse. They spend their holidays there and would love to buy the house. The owner, an old farmer, seems to agree, only he wants to determine the time of the sales himself. In the meantime, the two children become friends with the old farmer. Tom Milne writes in Time Out: "After five years of political disgrace, Jiří Menzel was still cautious and skilfully avoided any dangerous engagements or interpretations in Seclusion Near a Forest. More

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Lerchen am Faden (Flyer)

Lerchen am Faden

Jiri Menzel – 1969

Larks on a String is a Czech film directed by Jiří Menzel. The movie was banned by the Czechoslovak government. It saw release in 1990 after the fall of the Communist regime. Menzel tells the stories of various characters considered bourgeois by Czechoslovakia's communist government in the 1950s, who have been forced to work in a junkyard for the purposes of re-education. More

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Ein launischer Sommer (Flyer)

Ein launischer Sommer

Jiri Menzel – 1968

Capricious Summer is a Czechoslovak comedy directed by Jiří Menzel. It is based on the novel Rozmarné léto (Summer of Caprice) by the Czech writer Vladislav Vančura. It was listed to compete at the 1968 Cannes Film Festival, but the festival was cancelled due to the events of May 1968 in France. The film depicts a humorous story of three men, a colonel, a priest and a bath-keeper, during rainy summer days. More

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Firemen's Ball

Milos Forman – 1967

A volunteer fire department throws a party for their former boss with the whole town invited, but nothing goes as planned. More

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Scharf beobachtete Züge - Ostre sledované vlaky (Flyer)

Scharf beobachtete Züge - Ostre sledované vlaky

Jiri Menzel – 1966

The young Miloš Hrma, who speaks with misplaced pride of his family of misfits and malingerers, is engaged as a newly trained station guard in a small railway station during the Second World War and the German occupation of Czechoslovakia. He admires himself in his new uniform, and looks forward, like his prematurely-retired railwayman father, to avoiding real work. The sometimes pompous stationmaster is an enthusiastic pigeon-breeder with a kind wife, but is envious of the train dispatcher Hubička's success with women. More

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Daisies (Flyer)


Věra Chytilová – 1966

One of the highlights of Vera Chytilová’s filmography is the grotesque moral Daisies (1966). The surrealistic narrative about a pair of young women who decide to be as corrupt as the world around them does not arise from concrete socio-political realities. As a result, the biting account of conformity, petty-bourgeois narrow-mindedness, and the limits of light-heartedness has timeless qualities. Daisies marked the beginning of Chytilová’s collaboration with Ester Krumbachová, who contributed to the eccentric costumes and script. More

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Loves of a Blonde

Milos Forman – 1965

The head of a shoe factory persuades the army to hold manoeuvres nearby: So his workers can meet men at a ball. But the pot-bellied reservists are anything but attractive. Utilizing a brief hint of freedom, The Love of a Blonde throws an undisguised, humorous and tender look at Czechoslovakia in the 1960s and the ridiculousness of its functionaries. More

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If Only They Ain't Had Them Bands & Audition

Milos Forman – 1963

The first part leads us to the rehearsals of a small town brass band. Its authoritarian bandleader commands the collection of amateur musicians. Among them is the young, shy trombonist Vlada, who is thinking of sneaking away from the upcoming festival because he wants to see a motorcycle race taking place at the same time. More

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Black Peter - Cerny Petr (Flyer)

Black Peter - Cerny Petr

Milos Forman – 1963

Although sixteen-year-old Peter would rather lie by the swimming pool watching girls, he instead has to monitor customers in a supermarket to make sure they don't steal anything. He has problems at work, for example when he sees a suspicious customer in a supermarket but doesn't dare to talk to him. At home, he constantly receives teachings from his pedantic father; his girlfriend has laid eyes on someone else. With amateur actors and Jan Nemecek's poetic camera work, young Miloš Forman captures the authenticity of ordinary summer days in a small Czech town in the early 1960s. More

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