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César Charlone

Director and cameraman

Born in Uruguay, he worked primarily in Brazil after having studied at the School of Cinema in Sao Paulo. He began working in 1975 as director of photography on documentaries, commercials and feature films for directors such as Murillo Salles, Sergio Resende, Roberto Gervitz and Renato Tapajos. In 1997 he relocated permanently to Brazil and began a career as director of commercials, video clips and several episodes of the TV series "City of Men," whose scripts he also wrote. Since then, he has been working alternately as a director and cinematographer. In 2001 he was responsible for the photography in Fernando Meirelles's "City of God," for which he received several awards including the "Golden Frog" at the Festival of Lodz and an Oscar nomination. In 2003 he worked with Spike Lee and once again with F. Meirelles on "The Constant Gardner," which was nominated for Best Photography at the BAFTA Awards.

Enrique Fernandez

Director and scriptwriter

Since the early 80´s his activity is bound to the cinema. He has been scriptwriter, assistant direction and cameraman in many fiction and documentary shorts, in Uruguay and Germany, where he worked many years. In 1997 was screenwriter of "Otario", feature film directed by Diego Arsuaga, official selection in the San Sebastian Film Festival, Spain. He is professor of screenwriting in the Film School of Uruguay.

El baño del Papa (Flyer)

El baño del Papa (2007)

It is 1988, and Melo, a Uruguayan town on the Brazilian border, awaits the visit of Pope John Paul II. Numbers begin circulating: hundreds of people will come. No, thousands, say the media. The well-informed speak of 50,000... The poor townspeople know what this means: 50,000 pilgrims in need of food and drink, paper flags, souvenirs, commemorative medals. Brimming with enthusiasm, the villagers not only hope for divine blessing, but above all for a small share of material happiness. More