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Meet the Director

C.J. ┬źFiery┬╗ Obasi

MAMI WATA ist Nigerias Oscar-Einreichung, mit dem Spielfilm feiert C.J. Obasi momentan Erfolge rund um die Welt. Der Film kommt aus einem Land, das mit Nollywood einen enormen Output an Filmen hat - C.J. Obasi distanziert sich mit MAMI WATA aber ganz bewusst davon. Wir haben uns mit dem Filmemacher ausgiebig unterhalten: ├╝ber die Meeresg├Âttin Mami Wata in Westafrika, die Repr├Ąsentation von nigerianischen Frauen und ├╝ber seine fr├╝hen Erfahrungen mit Schwarzweiss im Film.

Meet the Director: C.J. ┬źFiery┬╗ Obasi
portrait C. J. ┬źFiery┬╗ Obasi

C. J. ┬źFiery┬╗ Obasi:

C.J. Obasi, nicknamed ┬źFiery┬╗ or ┬źThe Fiery One┬╗, grew up in the small town of Owerri in south-eastern Nigeria, where he watched Hammer House horror films and read Stephen King novels. As a child, he developed a talent for drawing comics based on his favourite films and superheroes at the time. He studied computer science at the University of Nigeria before starting to work as a filmmaker. Obasi submitted his first feature film, Ojuju, in 2014. The second feature film O-Town was a thriller. In 2019, Obasi co-founded the new wave film collective Surreal16, with filmmakers Abba T. Makama and Michael Omonua. Together they produced two anthology projects: Visions (2017), a three-part short film exploring dreams and visions, and Juju Stories (2021), a three-part feature film setting urban narratives and mythical stories in contemporary Lagos. Juju Stories had its world premiere in competition at the Locarno Film Festival and won the Boccalino d'oro prize for best film, awarded annually by the independent Swiss film critics. Mami Wata was supported by the Fonds visions sud est and premiered at Sundance in 2023.

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