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Movie ▼ Director ▼ Country ▼ Year ▼
Pequeños milagros Eliseo Subiela Argentina 1997
El lado oscuro del corazón Eliseo Subiela Argentina 1992
No te mueras sin decirme adónde vas Eliseo Subiela Argentina 1995
Despabílate amor Eliseo Subiela Argentina 1996
Las aventuras de Dios Eliseo Subiela Argentina 2001
Últimas imágenes del naufragio Eliseo Subiela Argentina 1989
Hombre mirando al sudeste Eliseo Subiela Argentina 1986
Intervention divine - Yadon ilaheyya Elia Suleiman Palestine 2002
Chronique d'une disparition - Segell Ikhtifà Elia Suleiman Palestine 1996
Fools Ramadan Suleman South Africa 1997
Zulu Love Letters Ramadan Suleman South Africa 2004
Good Morning, Karachi Sabiha Sumar Pakistan 2013
Silent Waters - Khamosh Pani Sabiha Sumar Pakistan 2003
Heartstrings - Xin xiang Zhou Sun China 1990
Valley of Saints Musa Syeed India 2012
Body Malgorzata Szumowska Poland 2015
The Orator Tusi Tamasese Samoa 2011
The Year Without A Summer Chui Mui TAN Malaysia 2010
Les hommes du port Alain Tanner Italy 1994
Une ville à Chandigarh - Le Corbusier Alain Tanner India 1965
An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker Danis Tanović Bosnia and Herzegovina 2013
Medianeras Gustavo Taretto Argentina 2011
Las insoladas Gustavo Taretto Argentina 2014
Nostalghia Andrei Tarkowski Italy 1983
Andrej Rubljow Andrei Tarkowski Russia 1966
Der Spiegel - Zerkalo Andrei Tarkowski Russia 1975
Iwans Kindheit Andrei Tarkowski Russia 1962
Stalker Andrei Tarkowski Russia 1979
Solaris Andrei Tarkowski Russia 1972
Die Walze und die Geige Andrei Tarkowski Russia 1961