Love and Honor - Bushi no ichibun

Yoji YamadaJapan – 2007 – More information on this movie


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Shinnojo, a low level samurai, lives with his pretty, dutiful and loyal wife Kayo. He has come to find his position in a castle as a food-taster for a feudal lord to be boring and pointless, and talks about opening a kendo school open to boys of all castes where he can teach the use of the sword. Before he can act on his dream he becomes ill with a fever after tasting some sashimi made from shell fish, but an investigation reveals that the poisoning was not due to a human conspiracy, but a poor choice of food out of season. After three days he awakes but finds that the toxin from the food has blinded him. Realising that not only will he remain blind until the end of his days, but he must now relinquish his position and will need assistance for rest of his life, Shinnojo becomes dejected and melancholy. His wife, Kayo, is the only one able to prevent him from committing suicide

trigon-film dvd-edition 123
Language OV japanese Subtitles deutsch, français
Length 121 min. Screen 1:1.85 - 16/9 PAL, color Sound DD 2.0 FSK 12+ Region code All regions

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