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The Parallel Street

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Die Parallelstrasse is one of the most mysterious pioneer films of the New German Cinema. It was produced by GBF, a production company for innovative industrial and promotional films and received awards in inter national film festivals. French critic Robert Benayoun called it «a philosophical thriller, a western of meditation which compensates for a whole year of inevitable manifestations of stupidity,» Jacques Rivette put it on his list of the most important films of 1968. The DVD presents for the very first time this «unjustly forgotten masterpiece of the New German Cinema» (Martin Brady) as well as several rare shorts by Ferdinand Khittl (1924-1976) which show his talent for innovative film experiments.

The Parallel Street, directed by Ferdinand Khittl, Germany 1962 (83')
Auf geht's, 1955 (11')
Eine Stadt feiert Geburtstag, 1958 (15')
Das magische Band, 1959 (21')
Ferdinand Khittl 1965, 1965 (3')
Ferdinand Khittl 1968, 1968 (3')
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Edition Filmmuseum 47
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