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Our Garden of Eden

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Documentary by Mano Khalil
Switzerland 2010

People from 20 different nations use the 148 plots in the allotment gardens in Bern. With their love for Mother Earth, they form a microcosm filled with dreams, seclusion, homesickness, joy and conflicts. Although the Swiss concept of order comes up against the foreign talent for improvisation, all the garden lovers enjoy what has become most precious in our society: time, attention and space. Their variegated coexistence concomitantly illustrates changes in the society. The allotment gardens, a former palladium of the proper Swiss bourgeois way of life, has become a mosaic of Swiss society.

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Language Swiss german Subtitles english, français, deutsch, italiano
Length 97 min. Format écran 16/9 PAL, color Audio DD stereo FSK 10 Region code 2

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