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The Salvation Hunters

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Before making (sound) film history with The Blue Angel, Viennese-born filmmaker Josef von Sternberg directed a series of thematically and stylistically daring silent films. This DVD presents the first and last of his surviving silents, digitally restored from archival 35mm elements and supplemented by a new video essay by film historian Janet Bergstrom. The Salvation Hunters, von Sternberg's self-financed, socially conscious directorial debut, won praise from Charles Chaplin, among others, and includes a new score by award-winning Austrian composer Siegfried Friedrich. The sole extant fragment of The Case of Lena Smith brings the director's youthful memories of fin de siècle Vienna vividly to life.

The Salvatian Hunters, USA 1925 (70 min.)
Music score by Siegfried Friedrich
The Case of Lena Smith, USA 1929 (fragment, 4 min.)
Josef von Sternberg, Salvation Hunter, USA 2016 (32 min.)

edition filmmuseum 105
Langue English Sous-titres deutsch, français
Format écran 1:1.33 - 4/3 PAL Audio DD 2.0 (Stereo) FSK 14 Code régional All regions
Bonus Booklet avec un essai de Janet Bergstrom

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