Kozoloa Yeo

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Born in 1950 at Tioronaradougou, northern Ivory Coast, he graduated at the prestigious École Louis Lumière (Paris) and directed two films: “Pétanqui” (1983) and “Les trois bracelets” (2001). The latter was censured after being chosen for the FESPACO in 2001. Kozoloa Yéo was responsible for the organization of the first International Documentary and Commercial Film Festival of Korhogo (FESTIKO), in January 2008. He also founded the Ivory Coast Union of Professional Cinema (SYNAPROCI).


Les Trois bracelets, 2001
Pétanqui, 1983

Pétanqui (1983)

In the middle of a drought, Pétanqui - who is responsible for the distribution of food to the population - enjoys a good life, a nice house, lovers and an official car. His son returns from France with a Law degree, and although he does not approve of his father’s lifestyle, he decides to defend him in court when he is accused of embezzlement. His defence becomes a strong attack on civil servants and members of government who take advantage of their situation. After all, his father is the lesser evil of a state of generalized corruption. Suite