About trigon-film

Cinema is made all around the globe. trigon-film specializes in bringing outstanding films from Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe to Swiss cinemas in their original language and with subtitles in German, French and sometimes also in Italian. To ensure that the films remain available in the long term, the Foundation publishes them in its own DVD edition and makes them available also online on a carefully curated streaming platform filmingo. In this way, the films remain visible even after their cinematic release. One of our goals is to make other realities and cultures visible and through that also support the respectful coexistence of different cultures. At the same time, trigon-film supports filmmakers in their respective coutnries.


Founded in 1988 by the trigon friend's association, the trigon-film foundation aims to promote knowledge of filmmaking from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. The foundation can also consider films of other origins if it considers them important from a cultural and developmental point of view. It fulfils these tasks in particular by procuring, distributing and promoting films and by archiving them. The Foundation may also promote or carry out other activities which are in the interest of audiovisual works from the aforementioned areas or their cultures in general.


Yanick Ammann, Christine Brönnimann, Raphaël Chevalley, Nicolas Christakis, Claudia Keller, Kathrin Kocher, Hugo Köpfli, Meret Ruggle, Stefanie Rusterholz, Brigitte Siegrist, Suzanne Widmer, Jennifer Wittmann

The trigon-film team
The trigon-film team in Ennetbaden

Foundation Board

Martin Fässler, Zurich

Margrit Bürer, Zürich
Sylvia Egli von Matt, Luzern
Martial Knaebel, Fribourg
Maud Krafft, Lausanne
Ruedi Küng, Zürich
Walter Ruggle, Zürich
Barbara Schneider, Basel
Hans Zbinden, Baden

Meret Ruggle
Stefanie Rusterholz

Magazine TRIGON

In German and French trigon-film publishes the magazine TRIGON to accompany the current films with texts, interviews and references to new releases on DVD and VoD. The magazine is available in cinemas, is delivered free of charge to members of the members of the trigon association and can also be subscribed to for a small contribution.

Friends' association

One of the most important pillars of trigon-film is the trigon friends' association. Since 1986 it has played a decisive role in ensuring that valuable films can be seen in Swiss cinemas and not only mainstream cinema. With your membership you support the work of trigon-film and thus promote filmmaking in the South and East as well as the diversity of cultures in our cinemas.

visions sud est

In 2005, trigon-film founded the "visions sud est" film fund together with the Fribourg Film Festival. In collaboration with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the fund supports film productions from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe. trigon-film is still part of the film fund today and participates in the fund's board and in the expert group for project selection. The other representatives are the Fribourg Film Festival, Visions du Réel (Nyon), the Locarno Film Festival and the Winterthur Short Film Festival.