2 trigon movies

 1991  Bratan

 1990  Kosh ba kosh

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Kosh ba kosh (Flyer)

Kosh ba kosh

Bachtiar Chudonasarow – 1990

Mira, a young woman from Russia, comes to Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, to visit her father, a player who often loses and finally even has to give away Mira to an old man. But Daler, a young player, falls in love with Mira and simply abducts her into his rather weird world. Daler is the boss of the local, thoroughly rotten aerial cableway. Its faded yellow cabins are suitable for every cargo: tourists as well as for hay, beer crates, stolen goods and even as a love-home for a clandestine rendez-vous. More

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