Aly Muritiba

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Rust is the second feature film by Aly Muritiba, author of the short films The Factory (Oscar shortlisted 2013), Quadrangle (Cannes Film Festival's Critics' Week 2013) and Tarantula (Venice Festival 2015). His first feature film, To My Beloved, earned several awards, among them the Global Filmmaking Award / Sundance Institute 2013, Silver Zenith/Montreal Festival 2014 and was selected by major film festivals, more notably San Sebastian, Amiens and Havana.

Rust (2018)

Tati and Renet are high school students who share an instant connection over social media that deepens during a class trip. Their nascent relationship screeches to a halt the next day, though, once Tati discovers that her lost phone has resulted in the leaking of an intimate video to the entire school. Desperate for answers and frustrated at the shaming that ensues, Tati tries to hold her head high even as her resolve threatens to crumble. More