Artan Minarolli

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Artan Minarolli (b. 1958, Tirana) graduated in 1982 after studying fine art at the University of Tirana, Albania. He graduated in film direction from Albafilm Studio in Tirana ten years later. He worked as an assistant director, e.g. for director Spartak Pecani on his film Incessant Words (Fjalë pa fund, 1986). His documentary For a Centimetre (Për një centimetër) was awarded at the International Sport Film Festival in Turin. Together with Petrik Ruka he co-directed the drama One Hundred Percent (Quind për Qind, 1993) and the film The Clay Bullet (Plumbi prej plasteline, 1994). In 2004 he directed the award-winning psychological drama The Moonless Night (Nata pa hënë), made in an Albanian-French coproduction; the film had successful screenings at various festivals, including the Rotterdam IFF.

Alive! (Flyer)

Alive! (2009)

Twenty-two-year-old Koli is studying at Tirana university. When he hears of his father’s death, he returns to his native mountain village in the north to attend the funeral. During a walk through the countryside of his childhood, someone takes a shot at him. In a state of shock, the young man discovers that he is part of a blood feud sparked by his grandfather sixty years earlier. He goes to see the family to whom, according to custom, he owes his life – and, in doing so, he makes the acquaintance of the murderer whom fate has determined will take it. More

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