Haile Gerima

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Haile Gerima wurde 1946 in Gonder, Äthiopien geboren. Er wuchs auf dem Land auf und in der Erzählkultur seiner Grosseltern, die Abends ums Feuer Geschichten erzählten. Der Vater war ein Dramatiker und jene Person, die Haile Gerima am stärksten beeinflusste. In der Highschool führte der spätere Filmemacher bereits Regie in Stücken, die seine Mitstudierenden aufführten.

Ab 1967 studierte er an der Goodman School of Drama in Chicago und Film an der UCLA. Seit 1975 lehrt er Film an der Howard Unversity, Washington. Die ersten Filme drehte er anfangs 1970er Jahre. 1976 holte er scih in Locarno mit Harvest: 3000 Years den Silbernen Leoparden. 30 Jahre später wurde der Film von Martin Scorsese restauriert in Cannes wieder aufgeführt.

1972: Hour Glass
1972: Child of Resistance
1976: Bush Mama; Harvest: 3000 Years.
1978: Wilmington 10 – USA 10.000
1982: Ashes And Embers
1985: After Winter: Sterling Brown
1993: Sankofa
1994: Imperfect Journey
1999: Adwa - An African Victory
2008: Teza

Teza (Flyer)

Teza (2008)

Anberber has studied in Germany and returns post-graduate to Ethiopia. He is full of hope that he can support his country with his newly acquired knowledge. It's a story about hope and disillusionment, about foreignness and homeland. More

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Sankofa (Flyer)

Sankofa (1993)

Powerful, moving and highly acclaimed, director Haile Gerima’s Sankofa is a masterpiece of cinema that has had a transformative impact on audiences since its release in 1993.  This empowering film tells a story of slavery and of the African Diaspora from the perspective of the enslaved, challenging the romanticizing of slavery prevalent in American culture. More

Ashes And Embers (Flyer)

Ashes And Embers (1982)

Nay Charles is an African American Vietnam veteran who no longer fits in, can’t find a job and has difficulty establishing a connection with his politically committed girlfriend.  Depressed, the film’s antihero leaves his home state of Washington for a new, better life in Los Angeles where he ends up arrested by the police. More

Harvest Three Thousand Years - Mirt Sost Shi Amit (Flyer)

Harvest Three Thousand Years - Mirt Sost Shi Amit (1976)

Director Haile Gerima’s first feature work to be set in Africa employs visions of his native Ethiopia to construct a post-colonial allegory of class exploitation.  Filmed in the tumultuous days following the overthrow of Haile Selassie, the portrait of an abject peasant family toiling under the scornful eye of a wealthy landowner exhibits the spontaneity of a documentary.  But it also displays the assuredness and authority of a master storyteller in the sweep of its conceptual rigor and moral stand. More