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Shanghai filmmaker Shu Haolun (舒浩仑) made a name for himself a few years back with his personal documentary Nostalgia 《乡愁》, an exploration of the nong tangs where he grew up and which are slated for destruction. He's just come out with a new film, a 20 minute fiction film called Young Blood 《少年血》, that also explores 1980s Shanghai life, telling the story of young teenage love.


2011 Shanghai, Shimen Road (Spielfilm)
2008 Young Blood (Kurzfilm)
Wettbewerb Int. Filmfestival Pusan, Bester Kurzfilm am Filmfestival Dubai
2006 Nostalgia (Dokumentarfilm)
Wettbewerb am Chinesischen Dokumentarfilmfestival
2001 Struggle (Dokumentarfilm)
Wettbewerb am Internationalen Dokumentarfilmfestival Amsterdam,
am Filmfestival Göteborg und an weiteren Festivals

Shanghai, Shimen Road (Flyer)

Shanghai, Shimen Road (2011)

Xiaoli, a 16 year old Shanghainese boy, has recently turned 16, in the summer of 1988. His life revolves around his one-room apartment in a beautiful brick house in the picturesque Shikumen neighborhood of Da Zhongli which he shares with his grandfather. Xiaoli's grandfather was brought up in this neighborhood, and was one of original owners of the houses, built in the 1930s by British architects. The houses were confiscated from their original owners by the government during the Cultural Revolution and made to share with lower-income families. More

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