Murali Nair

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Murali Nair was born in 1966 in Karela, India. SInce his last short movie A long journey selected in the official competition in Cannes 1996, he has directed four feature length movies Marana Simhasanam,The death's throne (Caméra d’or - Cannes 1999), A dog’s day (Un certain regard - Cannes 2001), et Arimpara (Un certain regard - Cannes 2003).

1993 – Tragedy of an Indian Farmer, cm / 1996 - Oru Neenda Yathra, cm / 1999 - Maranasimhasanam, lm / 2001 – Pattiyude Divasam, lm / 2003 – Arimpara, lm / 2006 – Unni, lm

Unni - Life is All About Friends (Flyer)

Unni - Life is All About Friends (2006)

The first in a trilogy, 'Life is All About Friends' tells the story of Unni, a young boy from a village in Kerala, and his friends Gopi, Ramu and Raju as they get together at the start of a new school year. Unni comes from an upper-caste, Nair family. His mother and grandmother, with whom he lives, enforce the strict, orthodox rules Nair's are expected to follow. It's a privileged world, but one that leaves Unni frustrated. Fortunately for him, life outside home is very different. Led by troublemaker Gopi, Unni gets up to all kinds of mischief at school. More