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Paul Leduc Rosenzweig (1942-2020) studied architecture and theatre at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and attended a French film school, Institut des hautes études cinématographiques (IDHEHC). His film career began in a university department of film studies. His first films were documentaries. Leduc was seeking answers to create a form of cinema capable of affirming our culture and our language.» He was able to launch his career due to a unique situation. During the reign of President Luis Echeverría (1970–76) the Mexican government actively intervened as a producer of cinema. Under this new policy the government paid for the amplification of «Reed: Insurgent Mexico» to 35 mm. This was the only time the Mexican government intervened in one of Leduc's films. For the rest of his career he funded his films independently, through universities and unions, and with collective efforts. Leduc's works reflects a person's concern for certainty.


1976 Etnocidio, notas sobre el Mezquital (doc.)
1978 Estudios para un retrato
1978 Puebla hoy (doc.)
1978 Monjas coronadas (doc. c.m.)
1980 Historias prohibidas de Pulgarcito (doc.)
1984 Frieda Kahlo, naturaleza viva
1985 ¿Cómo ves?
1990 Barroco
1991 Latino Bar
1993 Dollar Mambo
1995 Los Animales 1850-1950

Barroco (Flyer)

Barroco (1989)

This film is an homage to the rich an complex history of Latin America. Without any narrative sequence, but with a serie of images, music and sounds, the spectator gets transported through Mexico's history. More