Raja Amari

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Born in Tunis in 1971. After a Master's degree in literature and in French Civilisation at the university in Tunis, Raja Amari attended courses at the FEMIS (École Nationale Supérieure des Métiers de l'Image et du Son) in Paris. 1995 she realised her first short film "Le Bouquet", followed by "Avril" in 1998. Furthermore she wrote the script for the short film "Mon meilleur ami" as well as for the feature film "Satin Rouge".

Satin Rouge (Flyer)

Satin Rouge (2002)

Tunis in present days of 2002. After the death of her husband, Lilia's life revolves solely around her teenage daughter, Salma. Whilst she's looking for Salma late one night, attractive Lilia stumbles upon a belly dance cabaret and though initially reserved and taken aback by the culture of the place, Lilia gets consistently drawn back to it. Shy first and reserved towards the night-life-scenery she becomes friend with one of the belly dancers and is encouraged into dancing for the audience. More