Ritwik Ghatak

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1951 Arup Katha (inach.)
1953 Nagarik (Le citoyen)
1958 Ajantrik (Le vagabond)
1959 Bari theke paliye (L'emigré)
1960 Meghe dhaka tara (L'étoile caché)
1961 Komal gandhar (e- moll)
1962 Subarnarekha (La rivièere Subarnarekha)
1973 Titash ekti nadir naam (La rivière Titash)
1974 Jukti, takko aar gappo

Titash ekti nadir naam - A River Called Titas (Flyer)

Titash ekti nadir naam - A River Called Titas (1973)

A fisherman, Kishore, marries a young girl accidentally when he visits a nearby village. After their wedding night, Kishore's young bride is kidnapped on the river. On losing his wife, Kishore becomes mad. Meanwhile, his young bride fights with the bandits, jumps into the river and is saved by some villagers. Unfortunately, the young bride knows nothing about her husband, she doesn't even know her husband's name. The only thing she remembers is the name of the village Kishore belongs to. Ten years later, she attempts to find Kishore with their son. More

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Subarnarekha (Flyer)
Meghe dhaka tara (Flyer)

Meghe dhaka tara (1960)

The film tells the story of Nita, a beautiful young woman who lives with her family, refugees from East Pakistan, in the suburbs of Calcutta. Nita is a self-sacrificing person who is constantly exploited by everyone around her, even her own family, who take her goodness for granted. Her life is ridden with personal tragedy: she loses first her fiancé, then her job and finally her health by contracting tuberculosis. It is only when she collapses that her family begins to realize what they have done to her. Her mostly absent would-be singer brother is the only person who cares about her. More