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Argentinian director Tristán Bauer worked with Latin American directors such as Estela Bravo, Jorge Denit and Miguel Littin before he started directing his own feature films as well as short films, television programs and documentaries. His work brought him numerous national and international awards, among which his latest feature Illuminados por el fuego that was awarded with major film prizes in America and Europe, including the Special Prize of the Jury in San Sebastián 2005 and the Best Fiction Film of New York's Tribeca Festival 2006. Tristán Bauer co-founded the documentary production group »Cine Testimonio« that produces films about the social reality in Latin America; since 2007 he is the director of »Encuentro«, the TV channel of the Argentine Ministry of Education. He graduated as a director from the Centro Experimental del Instituto Nacional de Cinematografía, Argentina, in 1982.


1983 Martin Choque, un telar en San Isidro
1984 Ni tan Blancos ni tan Indios (doc)
1986 Bourdelle en la Argentina, Encuentros
1988 Molinos de viento
1990 Después de la Tormenta
1992 El Señor K. (doc)
1993 El oficio de amar
1994 Cortázar (doc)
1996 Evita, la tumba sin paz (doc)
1999 Los libros y la noche (Borges)
2005 Iluminados por el fuego
2010 Che - un Hombre Nuevo

Che - Un hombre nuevo (Flyer)

Che - Un hombre nuevo (2010)

This documentary by Tristan Bauer took 12 years to complete.  It is a unique and invaluable historical document—a jewel not to be missed—that offers us a different, more intimate and personal, perspective on the life of Ernesto Che Guevara than other films about him that have emerged recently. More

Borges - Los libros y la noche (Flyer)

Borges - Los libros y la noche (2000)

To celebrate the centenary of Jorge Luis Borges' birth, Tristán Bauer has created a very stimulating film essay: Skilfully, respectfully and poetically, he mixes archive documents, conversations and photographs of the writer's life, which reflect Borges' political stance, his problems with the Perón regime and his international successes. Tristán Bauer does not limit himself to a historian's work, he subtly reconstructs the writer's world: infinite fountains of the strange library of Babel, numerous corridors, circles, mirrors, stairs and hexagons. More

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Después de la tormenta (Flyer)

Después de la tormenta (1990)

A married couple with two children living in the suburbs of Buenos Aires have economical troubles. The father returns to his rural birthplace, where he finds that his father and brother are out of work, so he decides to the city. More