Yinan Diao

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Diao Yinan studied at the University of Dramatic Arts in Pekin in 1992. A prolific writer for theatre, television and cinema, he is author of some scripts such as for the famous film Showers, but also Spicy Love Soup and All the Way. In 2003, he writes and directs his first feature-film Uniforme.

Night Train - Ye che (Flyer)

Night Train - Ye che (2007)

From the 2008 Beijing olympic games to the avant-guard art scene, new chinese talent is heating up audiences around the world. Wu Hongyan, woman executioner in her thirties, works at the court in the province of Shaanxi in China, where she executes women condemned to death only. In spite of her macabre job, Wu Hongyan travels every weekend to a town nearby to join parties organized by a marriage bureau. The result of her dating is mediocre, until she meets the mysterious Li Jun. But she is thousands of miles away of imagining that Li Jun’s wife is the last of the women she executed. More

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