Yuan Zhang

1 Film in collection


Mama (Mama, 1990)
Beijing Bastards (Beijing Zazhong, 1992)
The Square (Guangchang, 1994)
Sons (Erzi, 1995)
East Palace, West Palace (Dong Gong Xi Gong, 1996)
Demolition and Relocation (Ding Zi Hu, 1998)
Crazy English (Fengkuang Yingyu, 1999)
Seventeen Years (Guo Nian Hui Jia, 1999)
Miss Jin Xing (Jin Xing Xiaojie, 2000)
Adoption (Shouyang, 2001)
I Love You (Wo Ai Ni, 2002)
Jiang Jie (Jiang Jie, 2002)
Green Tea (Lü Cha, 2002)

Wo Ai Ni - I Love You (Flyer)

Wo Ai Ni - I Love You (2003)

Yi and Ju meet when the latter is about to marry Yi's best friend. After a senseless accidental death they meet again. The fall in love and soon get married. Everyday life arrives and the couple niddle-noddles between a desire for freedom and tenures. The dream of the great love turns out to be more difficult in daily life than expected... More