A city with its problems. A gang of abandoned children provide for themselves and pose as heroes. The police are on their backs day and night. They are enterprising, energetic, and full of fresh vitality. Despite the fact they are rejected by their parents and ignored by the world, they form among themselves a powerful example of solidarity. Ablakon is something of a different order. He is an adult delinquent and a swindler. Posing as a businessman, he has deceived a countless number of people. When he and his accomplice return to the village, his extravagant behaviour is mistaken for a sign of success. Following his example many young people leave for the city. But they will soon understand their mistake…

Original Title Ablakon
German Title Ablakon
French Title Ablakon
Other Titles Ablakon
Directed by Roger Gnoan M'bala
Country Ivory Coast
Available Formats
Screenplay Roger Gnoan M'bala
Production Roger Gnoan M'bala
Runtime 90 Min.
Language Französisch
Kodjo Eboucle
Issa Sanogo
Mathieu Attawa
Joel Okou
Bitty Moro
Adjei Zoubly

Prize of the Jury Amiens Film Festival
Prize for best actor: Kodjo Eboucle, Fespaco 1986
Montréal, Tokio, Milan, Spain


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