Twenty-two-year-old Koli is studying at Tirana university. When he hears of his father’s death, he returns to his native mountain village in the north to attend the funeral. During a walk through the countryside of his childhood, someone takes a shot at him. In a state of shock, the young man discovers that he is part of a blood feud sparked by his grandfather sixty years earlier. He goes to see the family to whom, according to custom, he owes his life – and, in doing so, he makes the acquaintance of the murderer whom fate has determined will take it. Away from his modern urban environment, Koli suddenly finds himself in a world of ancient, inexorable rituals, from which he is unable to extricate himself even after his return to Tirana. How deeply entrenched in people are the traditions of their forebears? And to what extent are they able to accept them as part of their modern, superficial lifestyle? How far-reaching is the perception of one’s own destiny and affinity with one’s roots? Director Artan Minarolli dedicated his film drama to the eighty-six illegal immigrants who drowned off the coast of Italy during an attempt to flee their native country in March 1997.

Original Title Alive!
German Title Alive!
French Title Alive!
Other Titles Alive!
Directed by Artan Minarolli
Country Albania
Available Formats 35mm, DVD, HD
Screenplay Artan Minarolli
Film Editing Oliver Neumann
Soundtrack Baptiste Bouquin
Cinematography Jacques Bouquin
Décors Ylli Bepiri, Mihal Rama
Production WILDart Film, Artfilm, Agat Film
Runtime 93 Min.
Language Albanisch/d/f
Nix Xhelilay
Nijada Saliasi
Besart Kallaku
Driada Matoshi

DP_Alive!_F (6602 kB)

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PD_Alive!_D (884 kB)


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