Beshkempir (The Adopted Son) takes its title from the name of the boy whose story it tells. His life is sunny and carefree, spent in childhood games, until the day he hears terrible news from his playmates: he is not his parents’ biological child. Overnight, his best friend becomes his rival and the young girl of his dreams starts going bicycling with somebody else. His pleasant and peaceful existence is over: if his parents are not his own, Beshkempir feels he has lost his whole identity. He tries to gradually overcome the problems that arise from this new situation. Aktan Abdikalikov’s first feature was also the first independent film to be produced and directed in Kirghizstan. Eschewing all sensationalism and moralising intentions, the filmmaker reconstructs what he calls a «time of youth» without embellishment, but with great feeling.

Original Title Beshkempir
German Title Beshkempir - Der Adoptivsohn
French Title Le fils adoptif
Other Titles The Adopted Son
Directed by Aktan Abdykalykow - Arym Kubat
Country Kyrgyzstan
Available Formats 35mm, DVD
Screenplay Aktan Abdikalikow, Avtandil Adikulow, Marat Sarulu
Film Editing Tilek Mambetowa
Soundtrack Nurlan Nischanow
Cinematography Hassan Kidiraliew
Production Kirgisfilm/Noé Productions
Runtime 82 Min.
Language Kirgisisch/d/f
Mirlan Abdikalikow Beshkempir
Albina Imashewa
Adir Abdikalikow Bakit
Bakit Djilkchiew
Djilkchiew Mirlan
Cinkozoew Talai Mederow

Hauptpreise in Locarno (Silberner Leopard), Grosser Preis am Festival von Montreal; Bester Film, Festival Cottbus; Publikumspreis Wien.

"Beshkempir beschwört die Aitmatowschen Menschengeschichten. Der Kirgise Aktan Abdikalikow übt mit Gefühlen Zurückhaltung und erzählt den Reifeprozess mit elementarer Poesie, die ganz selbstverständlich von Frühliungslicht durchleuchtet wird."

Berliner Zeitung


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