Chinese Portrait

Xiaoshuai WangChina – 2018

CHINESE PORTRAIT investigates the current state of China, taking the audience on a journey to discover the complexity of the country through the path of one family. The film is entirely composed of fixed long shots and is narrated from the personal point of view of established Chinese director WANG Xiaoshuai. Tracing his ancestors’ movements both on his father and mother’s sides, Wang tracks the history of an ordinary Chinese family over the course of the tumultuous last century. Wang Xiaoshuai is our main character and guide throughout the film. He introduces us to people from all walks of life: from Beijing’s white-collar workers who work tirelessly in the grind of urban life, to rural ethnic minorities who have lived according to the same customs for generations.

Original Title Chinese Portrait
German Title Chinese Portrait
French Title Chinese Portrait
Other Titles Chinese Portrait - Wode Jingtou
Directed by Xiaoshuai Wang
Country China
Available Formats Blu-ray, DCP
Screenplay Xiaoshuai Wang
Film Editing Valérie Loiseleux
Cinematography Xinguai Piao, Di Wu, Hui Zeng, Jian Zeng
Production Xuan Liu, Isabelle Glachant
Runtime 79 Min.
Language Ohne Dialog

Busan 2018, section Wide Angle
Taipei 2018, Golden Horse Film Festival
Hong Kong 2018, Asian Film Festival


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