Five teenagers, three boys and two girls, live in a refugee neighborhood south of Lima paradoxically known as Los Jardines del Paraíso, the gardens of paradise. Together with their parents, their share memories of wartime massacres between the army and the Shining Path. Despite their trauma, they yearn to move on with their life. But in an isolated world without opportunities, they have little hope of succeeding.

Original Title Paraíso
German Title Paradies
French Title Paradis
Other Titles Paradiso
Directed by Hector Galvez
Country Peru
Available Formats 35mm, DVD, Blu-ray
Screenplay Héctor Gálvez
Film Editing Eric Williams
Cinematography Mario Bassino
Sound Francisco Adrianzén
Décors Karla Lorenzetti
Costumes Jimena Quispe
Production Chullachaki Producciones, Neue Cameo Film
Runtime 93 Min.
Language Spanisch/d/f
Joaquín Ventura Joaquín
Yiliana Chong Antuanet
José Luís García Mario
Gabriela Tello Sara
William Gómez Lalo

Mostra del Cinema Venezia, in Competition

Filmfestival pérouvien Paris: Prix Le Soleil Tournant du long métrage de fiction

« Un film qui témoigne d'une étude profonde de la réalité sociale des bidonvilles de Lima, avec une simplicité qui fusionne avec une poésie qui le rend attachant.» Festival Jury Paris

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paraiso_flyer (1936 kB)


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