La pelicula del rey


La pelicula del rey

Carlos SorinArgentina – 1986

The Film of the King is a film within a film. Influenced by travel accounts of his time, the Frenchman Orélie Antoine set off for southern Argentina around 1860. Once there, he had himself proclaimed king of Araucania and Patagonia what led to his expulsion from the country by the Argentinian government. More than one hundred years later, Carlos Sorín turns this absurd venture into the story of a film director who wants to make a film abut it and fails in light of certain circumstantial adversities. Out of the film about the adventurer emerges the adventure of a film.

Original Title La pelicula del rey
German Title La pelicula del rey
French Title Le film du roi
Other Titles A King and His Movie
Directed by Carlos Sorin
Country Argentina
Available Formats DCP
Screenplay Jorge Goldenberg, Carlos Sorin
Runtime 107 Min.
Language Spanisch/d/f
Ulises Dumont Arturo
Julio Chávez David Vass
Villanueva Cosse Desfontaines
Roxana Berco Lucia
Ana María Giunta Madama

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