Shamt al kushur - Les silences du palais


Shamt al kushur - Les silences du palais

Moufida TlatliTunisia – 1994

The news that Prince Sid'Ali has died suddenly confronts 25-year-old Ali with her past again. During the funeral she visits the palace where she spent her childhood and adolescence and where her mother was a servant. She never knew her father - he may even have been the prince. As she wanders the deserted corridors, the images of her youth return, such as her forbidden friendship with Sarra, daughter of one of the princes, who taught Alia to love the lute. She also re-experiences the painful and silent quest for the identity of her father and remembers her mother, the brave and beautiful Khedija, who protected Alia against the furtive desires of the prince. THE SILENCES OF THE PALACE delicately reveals the lonely life of the women who were locked up for life in an Arab palace, half slaves, half mistresses.

Original Title Shamt al kushur - Les silences du palais
German Title Das Schweigen des Palastes
French Title Le silences du Palais
Other Titles I silenzi del palazzo
Directed by Moufida Tlatli
Country Tunisia
Available Formats 35mm, DVD
Screenplay Moufida Tlatli
Film Editing Moufida Tlatli
Soundtrack Anovar Brahem
Cinematography Youssef Ben Youssef
Sound Faouzi Thabet
Décors Claude Bennys
Production Cinétéléfilm und Magfilm, Tunesien; Mt Films, Frankreich
Runtime 128 Min.
Language Arabisch/d/f
Amel Hedhili Khedija
Hend Sabri Alia als Kind
Ghalia La-croix Alia 25 Jahre alt
Najia Ouerghi Khalti Hadda
Sami Bouajila Lotfi
Hichem Rostom Si Bechir

Tanit d'Or & Best Actress, Festival de Carthage
Golden Tulip, Istanbul Filmfestival
Special Mention Caméra d'Or Cannes Film Festival
Best First Film Chicago
International Film Critics' Award Fipresci, Toronto

"Ein atemberaubend schöner Film!"

- SZ

"Ein poetischer und politischer Trip in die hermetische Welt arabischer Frauen!"

- Süddeutsche Zeitung

"Ein kraftvolles Antikriegsdrama!"

- Variety

The London Times :

“Tlatli directs with unforced eloquence: and the rage within the film at women's role in Islamic society appears all the more powerful for being so contained. Compelling.”

The Guardian (Lizzie Francke):

“Extraordinarily poetical debut.”

Premiere :

“Hypnotic and powerful.”

New York Times (Caryn James):

“A fascinating and accomplished film...”

Daily Telegraph :

“This week's most moving film....a quiet, lucid and devastating debut...a small masterpiece.”


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