Titash ekti nadir naam - A River Called Titas


Titash ekti nadir naam - A River Called Titas

Ritwik GhatakIndia – 1973

A fisherman, Kishore, marries a young girl accidentally when he visits a nearby village. After their wedding night, Kishore's young bride is kidnapped on the river. On losing his wife, Kishore becomes mad. Meanwhile, his young bride fights with the bandits, jumps into the river and is saved by some villagers. Unfortunately, the young bride knows nothing about her husband, she doesn't even know her husband's name. The only thing she remembers is the name of the village Kishore belongs to. Ten years later, she attempts to find Kishore with their son. Some residents of Kishore's village refuse to share food with her and her son because of the threat of starvation. A young widow Basanthi helps the mother and child. Later it turned out that Kishore and Basanthi were childhood lovers. Director Ghatak appears in the film as a boatman, and Basanti's story is the first of several melodramatic tales.

Original Title Titash ekti nadir naam - A River Called Titas
German Title Der Fluss Titash
French Title La rivière Titash
Other Titles The River Titash
Directed by Ritwik Ghatak
Country India
Available Formats 35mm, DCP
Screenplay Ritwik Ghatak; Bahadur Khan; Ahidul Haq
Film Editing Basheer Hussain
Soundtrack Ritwik Ghatak; Bahadur Khan; Ahidul Haq
Cinematography Baby Islam
Sound Shyam Sundar Gosh
Production Pran Katha Chitra
Runtime 159 Min.
Language Bengali/d/f
Rosy Samad Basanti
Kabari Choudhury Rajar Jhi
Roussan Jamil Basantis Mutter
Rani Sarkar Munglee
Sufia Rustam Udayaara

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