The Year Without A Summer


The Year Without A Summer

Chui Mui TANMalaysia – 2010

Azman is a Malaysian rock singer over his peak. He comes back to his village, to begin a new life as a fisherman. His wife Minah is totally supportive. But his friend Ali thinks he is ridiculous. Especially since the fishing business is becoming difficult. In fact, the time is difficult for everyone. No one understands why there is less fish in the sea by now, so they just live on, as long as God allows them to. The movie is a poetic reflection on memories, friendship and dreams in a world related to the sea.

Original Title The Year Without A Summer
German Title The Year Without A Summer
French Title The Year Without A Summer
Other Titles The Year Without A Summer
Directed by Chui Mui TAN
Country Malaysia
Available Formats
Screenplay Chui Mui Tan
Film Editing Chui Mui Tan
Soundtrack Azmly Yunor
Cinematography Gay Hian Teoh
Runtime 87 Min.
Language Malay
Namron Azam
Azman Hassan Ali
Mislina Mustaffa Minah
Mohd. Norsuhaizan Hanafi Azam (jung/jeune)
Mohd. Shahrudin Ali (jung/jeun)

Tokyo FilmEx 2010: In competition
Busan 2010
Rotterdam 2011: In competition


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