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The Train of Salt and Sugar (Flyer)

The Train of Salt and Sugar

Licínio Azevedo – 2016

In Mosambik ist Ende der 1980er Jahre ein militärisch bewachter Zug unterwegs auf der Strecke zwischen Nampula und Malawi. Die Fahrgäste sind bereit, ihr Leben aufs Spiel zu setzen, um ein paar Salzsäcke gegen Zucker einzutauschen. Licínio Azevedo erzählt in seinem auf der Piazza Grande in Locarno uraufgeführten Spielfilm Geschichten, die das Leben in und um den Zug schreibt. Eine Art Stagecoach in Afrika. Weiter

Virgem Margarida (Flyer)

Virgem Margarida

Licínio Azevedo – 2012

Im Jahr 1975 erlebt Mozambique (heute: Mosambik) eine Art Wiedergeburt. Die Revolution hat das Land befreit, in den Strassen von Maputo werden Prostituierte eingesammelt und in ein Erziehungslager draussen im Land gebracht. Die Revolution will aus ihnen die "neuen Frauen" schaffen. Margarida ist ein 16-jähriges Mädchen vom Dorf, das versehentlich mitgenommen wurde. Es ist seine Geschichte, die wir erfahren und die Geschichte einer Gruppe von Frauen, die allmählich begreifen, dass die Revolution tatsächlich ihre Freiheit bedeutet, aber eine andere. Weiter

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A Ilha dos Espíritos

Licínio Azevedo – 2010

A small island, a great history. Long before giving its name to the country, the Mozambique island had a fundamental role in the Indian Ocean during centuries. Anchor point for caravels, meeting point for pirates, it is a melting pot of races. It raises its walls in the middle of the sea. Its winding streets full of life reveal small palaces, churches and white houses. Its inhabitants are eccentric characters, proud of the island's past history. As we wander through the streets we meet an historian, a maritime archeologist, a fisherman, the "doorman" of the island, a dancer, many spirits... Weiter

Terra Sonâmbula - Sleepwalking Land

Teresa Prata – 2007

Mozambique, Civil War. Muidinga, a boy with big eyes, finds a diary beside a corpse and begins reading it. It is the story of Farida who lives in an old ship anchored out in the sea and waits for her son. He convinces himself that he is the boy in the diary and decides to search for her. He sets off with Tuahir, a tough old storyteller who develops a growing affection to Muidinga. He even becomes jealous that the boy might soon find his family. The film slowly leaves behind the harsh reality of the war and enters into the fantastic. Dreams become reality and the sea invades the dusty road. Weiter

Night Lodgers

Licínio Azevedo – 2007

In the colonial era, the Grand Hotel in the city of Beira was the largest in Mozambique: 350 rooms, luxurious suites, Olympic-sized swimming pool… Nowadays the building is in ruins, with no electricity or running water, and is inhabited by 3500 people. Some have been living there for twenty years. The rooms, foyers, corridors, service areas, even the fridges and bathrooms of the hotel serve as home. But there’s no trace of sadness or self-pity in this luminous documentary. Weiter

O Grande Bazar

Licínio Azevedo – 2006

Im Vorort der Hauptstadt von Mosambik verkauft der zwölfjährige Paito Krapfen, um etwas Geld zum Unterhalt seiner Familie beizusteuern. Als das Mehl ausgeht, schickt ihn seine Mutter in den Laden. Weil kein Mehl mehr nicht vorrätig ist, sollen die Kunden kurz auf die neue Lieferung warten. In der Zwischenzeit versucht Paito, das ihm anvertraute Geld gewinnbringend zu investieren, indem er ein Päckchen Zigaretten kauft, um diese dann einzeln weiterzuverkaufen. Doch die Sache geht schief. Eine Gruppe junger Diebe stiehlt ihm die Zigaretten. Weiter

The Demining Camp

Licínio Azevedo – 2005

Some fought on opposite sides in the war which ravaged Mozambique. Others were civilians, and for them, the demining work is an alternative to unemployment or a life of crime. Living all together in tents, they stay for long periods far from their families. Every day they risk their lives together. They are indeed a very special group of men. Weiter

Marrabenta Stories

Karen Boswall – 2004

Young Mozambican musicians who play Jazz, Funky and Hip Hop join a group of elders who play Marrabenta, a musical style typical of Mozambique in the 1950's and 60's. This unexpected combination of different types of music works extraordinarily well, as we will see during their South African tour. This trip evokes the origins of each of the musicians. They survive playing and singing their sorrows and happy memories. A Mozambican "Buena Vista Social Club". Weiter

Hands of Clay

Licínio Azevedo – 2003

The imaginary world of a unique and refreshing artist from Mozambique who expresses herself with clay, a traditional African material.Reinata Sadimba was born in 1945. Her age hasn’t erased her lively sparkle, as if she were still a cheerful little girl. The sculptures tell all sorts of stories drawn from real life and her country’s folkloric tradition. It is also her way of exorcising ghosts and demons. Exhibitions in the USA, Japan and Germany have earned her worldwide fame. She is an eccentric character who loves to dance in men's clothes. Weiter

Disobedience - Desobediência

Licínio Azevedo – 2002

Rosa, a Mozambican peasant, is accused by the family of her husband of having caused his suicide by refusing to obey him. She is suspected of having a "spirit-husband". In order to prove her innocence, Rosa submits herself to two trials: one by a traditional healer, the other in court. She is absolved twice. Nevertheless, the dead man relatives continue to persecute her and she is punished in a cruel way. The film is interpreted by the real players of this story, the dead man by his twin brother. Weiter

A Ponte - The Bridge

Licínio Azevedo – 2001

In the rainy season the rivers rise and Chimanimani, one of the most beautiful regions in Mozambique, is cut off from the rest of the country. A natural reserve will be created. The main attraction is Mount Binga, the highest point in Mozambique. This reserve will benefit the local community. However, a bridge must be built. The entire village participates in the construction.This film is the story of the collective struggle to build this bridge.It is a celebration of human labour! Weiter

Regresso a Nacala - Return to Nacala

Brigitte Martinez – 2001

More than 25 years after I left, I felt the urge of going back and walk along this road that I know by heart, the road of my childhood..."This road goes to Nacala, a coastal city in the north of Mozambique. A trip made by Brigitte, who brings with her the photos that her father took 40 years before. She is looking for memories, for school friends, for sceneries. She finds a new independent country and wonders if she can still fit in this moving world. Weiter

The Water War - A Guerra da Água

Licínio Azevedo – 1995

Four stories cross in a Mozambican village. Stories about the importance of a water can, a well that gets broken, a lonely hunter, a bird that in his cage becomes a portable radio… And in all of them there’s dignity, pride and laughter. The documentary has three protagonists: the well, the women and the baobab. A magical film. Weiter