3 trigon movies

 2023  Mami Wata

 2014  Hope

 2010  Lilies of the ghetto

Order by Year Title Director
Mami Wata (Flyer)

Mami Wata

C. J. «Fiery» Obasi – 2023

In the remote West African village of Iyi, the villagers worship the Mermaid-deity MAMI WATA and look to guidance from their healer MAMA EFE, the Intermediary between them and Mami Wata, and Mama Efe’s daughter ZINWE and protégé PRISCA. But when children begin to die and disappear, JABI, a local, begins to sow doubt amongst the people, while Zinwe runs away propelled by her own anguish. Soon, the arrival of a rebel warlord JASPER tilts the odds in Jabi’s favor. More

Hope (Flyer)


Boris Lojkine – 2014

The hope of a better life in Europe comes at a high price. Nigeria is separated from the gateway to Europe on the Moroccan coast by more than 3'000 kilometres. During a journey organised by smugglers through the Sahara, Hope, a young Nigerian, meets Cameroonian refugee Léonard. Although snubbed by him, Hope remains at his heels. She knows that Léonard is the only chance she has of surviving this journey. More

Lilies of the ghetto (Flyer)

Lilies of the ghetto

Joseph Ugochukwu – 2010

The daily destruction of the lives of African youths who are forced by hardship into various crimes for survival, as typified in the ghettos of Nigeria. This movie represents a new tendency among the Nigerian film industry and film directors, who apart from Nollywood begun to develop a high quality cinema, accessible to a worldwide audience. Film professionals started to produce quality movies, despite the financial challenges that are obstacles to certain projects. Joseph Ugochukwu is part of the new movement. More