Ali El Arabi

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Ali El Arabi is an Egyptian director/ producer. He got his start making short documentaries at Dream TV (Egypt). He went on to produce documentaries for ZDF, Stern TV Germany, and National Geographic in the MENA region. In 2015, El Arabi set up Ambient Light, a Cairo-based production company where he focuses on various topics relevant to the MENA region such as refugee displacement and women’s and children’s rights. The company now is focused on character- driven stories with international appeal regardless of their genres. El Arabi holds a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Mansoura University. Captains of Zaatari is his debut feature film.



Captains of Zaatari (Flyer)

Captains of Zaatari (2021)

Mahmoud and Fawzi have been living in the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan. Though they both have no sense of what the future holds for them, they focus their energy together on their first love: soccer. Despite the dire circumstances in the camp, they practice day in and day out, believing firmly that playing professionally is their ticket to freedom. More