Arvin Chen

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Arvin Chen was born on November 26, 1978, in Boston, Massachusetts.
He is a Chinese-American filmmaker based in Taipei,
Taiwan. Arvin grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, studying architectural
design at the University of California, Berkeley. After
graduation, he moved to Taipei to apprentice with Taiwanese
filmmaker Edward Yang (Yi Yi, A Brighter Summer Day) before
completing his master’s degree in film production at the University
of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. In
2006, Arvin’s short film Mei won the Silver Bear at the 57th Berlin
International Film Festival.

Au revoir Taipei - Yi ye Tai bei (Flyer)

Au revoir Taipei - Yi ye Tai bei (2010)

Kai, a brokenhearted young man from Taipei, yearns to be with his girlfriend, who's left for Paris. He spends his days working at his parents’ noodle restaurant and his nights trying to learn French at the local bookstore, where he meets Susie, a sweet but lonely girl who works there. Afraid of losing his girlfriend, and in need of money to get to Paris, he accepts a dubious offer from a local gangster – deliver a mysterious package to Paris. More

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