Falaba Issa Traoré

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Falaba Issa Traoré (1930-2003, Mali)
Born at Bougouni, Traoré began with theater as manager of the regional theater group of Bamako.
In 1973 he went to Germany where he studied film direction. When he return to Mali in 1976, he took charge of the cinema division at the Ministry of Sports, Arts and Culture. As an actor Traoré performed remarkably in roles as in “A Banna”, by Kalifa Dienta, “Nidiougou Guimba”, by Cheick Oumar Sissoko and “Le Pacte Social”, “Sanoudié” and “N’Tronkélé”, by Boubacar Sidibé. He directed his first film, “Juguifolo”, in 1979. And his last one, “Bamunan” (“Le Pagne Scré”), in 1990. Falaba Issa Traoré is also the author of the two following operas: “Soundiata, or the Mandinga Epopee” and “Dah Monzon, or the Bambara Epopee”. In 1972 he won the African Prize for Poetry in French.


Bamunan (The Sacred Pagne), 1990
Anbé no don (We Are All Guilty), 1980
Kiri Kara Watita (Duel on the Cliffs), 1980
Juguifolo (First Gleam of Hope), 1979

Bamunan (1990)

Daily life scenes in a rural village of Mali.Harvest, meddlesomeness, children games, a wedding, a theft, and the clumsy intervention of the police. The character that brings all these scenes together is a leper despised by the whole village, who manages to be cured in the city and happily returns to his people. More