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Born in Cadigue (Guinea-Bissau), Flora Gomes studied cinema at the Cuban Institute of Arts (ICAIC) and in Senegal with Paulin Soumanou Vieyra. After working for two years as a reporter for the news, he entered the Ministry of Information. As camera operator, director of photography and director, he co-directed two shorts at the end of the seventies. Since 1987, he has directed five feature films and a documentary.


1976  O Regresso de Cabral (Kurzfilm, Dokumentation)

1977  A Reconstrução (Kurzfilm, Dokumentation) – zusammen mit Sérgio Pina

1978  Anos no Oça Luta (Kurzfilm, Dokumentation) – zusammen mit Sérgio Pina

1987  Mortu Nega

1992  Os Olhos Azuis de Yonta

1994  A máscara (Kurzfilm, Dokumentation)

1996  Po di Sangui

2002  Nha Fala

2007  As Duas Faces da Guerra (Dokumentation mit Diana Andringa)

2010  A República di Mininus

2013  República di Mininus

Nha Fala (Flyer)
Po di sangui (Flyer)

Po di sangui (1996)

This film, in the style of an African folk tale, is set in the forest village of Amanha Lundju, a place where the birth of children is celebrated by the planting of a tree. The trees are considered spiritual twins. But for every tree planted, the rapacious state destroys many more for firewood and lumber. The tale begins as the wanderer Dou returns to the village. He discovers that Hami, his twin brother just died for no apparent reason. According to the tradition Dou takes on his late brother's wife and children, something that displeases Saly, his betrothed. More

Udju azul di Yonta (Flyer)

Udju azul di Yonta (1992)

Flora Gomes tells a tragicomic love story in a colourful, poignant and loving way. Young Yonta is growing up in Bissau, the capital of Guinea-Bissau in West Africa, a country that won independence less than 20 years ago. All day long, she thinks of no one else but Vicente, a friend of her parents and a former freedom fighter. Vicente, however, has no interest in Yonta whatsoever. And she, in turn, pays no attention whatsoever to Zé, a young man who worships her. More

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Mortu Nega (Flyer)

Mortu Nega (1988)

The story of a woman who searches through the country for her husband, a resistant, while the war for independence is raging. She finds him at last and saves his life. When peace finally arrives, they have to learn how to be together again and start living in a destroyed land. More