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Jorge Sanjinés, born 31 July 1936 in La Paz, is a Bolivian film director and screenwriter. He founded the production group Grupo Ukamau. Sanjines made his first feature film, Ukamau (1966), under the auspices of the Bolivian Film Institute, of which he was named director in 1965. A landmark in the history of Bolivian cinema, Ukamau is a sympathetic depiction of the social problems of the Andean peasantry shot exclusively in Aymara, an indigenous language. Because of the controversy surrounding the film, Sanjines was fired from his post, but went on to become one of the most successful of Latin America's leftist filmmakers. 



1960 Aysa (short)
1961 Sueños y realidades (Doc short)
1963 Revolución
1966 Ukamau
1969 Yawar Mallku - La sangre del condor
1971 El coraje del pueblo
1974 El enemigo principal (Jatun auka)
1977 ¡Fuera de aquí!
1981 Llocsi caimanta
1984 Las banderas del amanecer
1990 La nación clandestina
1995 Para recibir el canto de los pajaros
2004 Los hijos del último jardín
2012 Insurgentes (Documentary)
2016 Juana Azurduy, Guerrillera de la Patria Grande
2022 Los Viejos Soldados

Para recibir el canto de los pájaros (Flyer)

Para recibir el canto de los pájaros (1995)

An apparently amiable film crew from La Paz leaves for a village in the mountains of Bolivia to shoot a custume drama about the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadores in the Andes in the sixteenth century. The film-makers get involved with the local population, mainly Indian. Their attempts to use the Indians as extras in their film, as victims of the callous Spaniards, is however a failure. After their request is categorically refused, they do manage to 'persuade' several inhabitants of a neighbouring village. The production is saved, but the incidents pile up. More

La nación clandestina (Flyer)

La nación clandestina (1989)

Sebastian Mamani returns to his Aymara community from which he was expelled long ago. He is carrying the great mask of death, he must dance until he died, in a kind of atonement for the sins that caused his exile and as a way to be reborn in his lost cultural identity. More

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