Kwon-taek Im

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Im Kwon-taek was born on May 2 in 1936. He is one of South Korea's most renowned film directors. In an active and prolific career, his films have won many domestic and international film festival awards as well as considerable box-office success, and helped bring international attention to the Korean film industry. So far he has directed more than 100 films.


A small selection

1962 Dumangang-a jal ikkora
1963 Shinmungo
1964 Yonghwa mama
1965 Bisog a Jida
1967 Pungunui gomgaek
1974 Sok yeonhwa
1977 Okye ki
1978 Chopko
1980 Tchak Ko
1981 Mandala
1982 Abenko gongsu gundan
1983 Pul-ui Tal
1985 Gilsottum
1986 Ticket
1986 Sibaji
1987 Yonsan Ilgi
1988 Adada
1989 Aje Aje Bara Aje
1992 Chang-gun ui adeul II/III
1992 Kae Byok
1993 Sopyonie
1994 Taebak Sanmaek
1996 Ch?ukje
2000 Chunhyang
2002 Chihwaseon
2004 Haryu insaeng
2007 Chun nyun hack
2011 Dal-bit gil-eo-ol-li-gi
2014 Hwajang


Sibaji (Flyer)

Sibaji (1987)

Shin, a nobleman, had been trying to conceive a male heir to pass his family name. Unable to provide a male heir, Shin's wife gives her husband permission to search for a surrogate wife to bear a male heir. On the way to finding a surrogate wife, Shin runs into a 17 year old girl, Ok-nyo (Kang Soo-yeon). She was a poor feisty girl who stated she would do anything for money. More