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Semih Kaplanoğlu was born in 1963 in Turkey. He is one of the most acclaimed writer-director-producers of contemporary cinema in Turkey. His first films Awas From Home (2001) and Angel's Fall (2004) were screened at international festivals worldwide, but with his third feature Egg (2007), Kaplanoğlu achieved international recognition as the film was premiered in Quinzaine des Réalisateurs. In 2008, Milk premiered at the Venice Film Festival, giving him international awards, such as FIPRESCI prize at the Istanbul Film Festival. Honey (2010), the third part of the Yusuf Trilogy, won the Golden Bear at Berlinale that year. As a producer, he recently contributed with his fellow director Aida Begic in Children of Sarajevo which earned a special mention in Cannes' Un Certain Regard (2012). Grain is his sixth feature film.


2001 Away From Home
2004 Angel's Fall
2007 Yumurta (Egg)
2008 Süt (Milk)
2010 Bal (Honey)
2017 Grain

Grain (Flyer)

Grain (2017)

What is it that the two men are after in Dead Lands in an indefinite near future? The global corporations have established cities and agricultural zones in areas where the climate is relatively good. These cities are populated by the elites, corporation’s executives, scientists, and those multiethnic immigrants who have been admitted after passing genetic compatibility tests. The immigrant masses struggle with hunger and epidemics. Professor Erol Erin (55), a seed genetics specialist, lives in a city protected from them by sophisticated armed forces and magnetic walls. More

Bal - Honey (Flyer)

Bal - Honey (2010)

Six-year-old Yusuf has just begun attending primary school where he is learning how to read and write. His father, Yakup, is a beekeeper. He goes about his trade deep inside the woods where he hangs up his bee hives in the treetops of the highest trees. The mountain forest is a place of deep mystery to Yusuf and he derives great pleasure from accompanying his father there. One morning Yusuf tells his father about a dream he had the night before. Yakup turns on him curtly telling him never to share his dreams with others. The same day, Yusuf is asked to read out a text in front of the class. More

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Süt - Milk (Flyer)

Süt - Milk (2008)

SÜT - MILK is the second part of the Yusuf Trilogy, of which BAL - HONEY was the epilogue. Yusuf is in his twenties here and lives with his mother Zehra on the outskirts of a city in Anatolia. Together, they sell homemade products on the local market with the milk of their two cows. Business is getting worse because with increasing industrialization and the emergence of new neighbourhoods, people are buying more and more in new supermarkets. More

Yumurta - Egg (Flyer)

Yumurta - Egg (2007)

Yusuf is a poet, trapped between countryside and big city, who returns to his small hometown after five years after receiving the news of the death of his mother. Ayla, a distant relative, awaits him in his now run-down home. He makes friends with Ayla and the mother's absence causes an argument with his own self. More