Zhuangzhuang Tian

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1980 Our Corner (Women De Jiaoluo) Co-Regie mit Xie Xiaojing und Cui Xiaoqin
1982 The Red Elephant (Hong Xiang), Kinderfilm, Co-Regie mit Zhang Jianya und Xie Xiaojing
1983 One Sommer (Xiatian De Jingli) Fernsehfilm, Co-Regie mit Zhang Jianya und Xie Xiaojing
1984 September (Jiu Yue)
1985 On The Hunting Ground (Liechang Zhasa)
1985 Horse Thief (Daoma Zei)
1987 Travelling Players (Gushu Yiren)
1988 Rock'n Roll Kids (Yaogun Qingnian)
1990 Unforgettable Life (Teshu Shoushushi)
1991 Li Lianying, The Imperial Eunuch (Da Taijian Li Lianying)
1993 The Blue Kite (Lan Fengzheng)
2002 Springtime In A Small Town (Xiao Cheng Zhi Chun)
2004 Delamu
2006 The Go Master (Wu Qingyuan)

Dao ma tse - Dao ma zei (Flyer)

Dao ma tse - Dao ma zei (1985)

Norbu is a nomad who lives with his wife and his child in the mountainous highland of tibet as a shepherd. He belongs to an ethnic minority and from time to time he sees himself compelled to act as a horse thief in order to provide his family with food. But the day Norbu tries to steal some treasures of a temple the community excludes and banishes him. Living in exile, he loses his son. After his last theft of a horse he sacrifices himself in order to save his wife and his second child. More