To the Ends of the Earth


To the Ends of the Earth


Yoko (Atsuko Maeda) hosts a popular global travel show yet is cautious and insular like many young Japanese. But she has a bigger dream. On assignment in Uzbekistan, Yoko and her small TV crew attempt to catch a mythical fish but fail. They also film segments in Samarkand but feel it’s lacking. Indifferent to her job, Yoko prefers texting her boyfriend in Tokyo. At night, she comes across a tied up goat and suggests releasing it on camera. The plan goes awry and Yoko feels indignant and naive. The team move to Tashkent where Yoko wanders into an opulent theatre, fantasizing she's on stage. She confides her ambitions to her cameraman but admits her heart's not ready. While filming, Yoko's timid nature inadvertently gets her in trouble with the police. At the station she hears of a disaster in Tokyo and realizes how important human communication truly is. Some of the team return to Japan but Yoko stays. As she ventures into the mountains she sings from the heart and her spirit is freed.

Festival Locarno Statements

Original Title To the Ends of the Earth
German Title Bis ans Ende der Welt
French Title Au bout du monde
Other Titles Tabi no Owari Sekai no Hajimari
Directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Country Uzbekistan
Available Formats Blu-ray, DCP
Screenplay Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Soundtrack Yûsuke Hayashi
Cinematography Akiko Ashizawa
Production Loaded Films, Uzbekkino, King Records, Tokyo Theatres K.K.
Runtime 120 Min.
Language Japanisch, Usbekisch/d/f
Tokio Emoto Sasaki
Ryo Kase Iwao
Atsuko Maeda Yoko
Adiz Rajabov Temur
Shôta Sometani Yoshioka

«Meisterlich, wie der Film Yokos Innenleben auf die Leinwand übersetzt. Das ist einerseits Regisseur Kiyoshi Kurosawa geschuldet, der diese Kunst schon seit Jahrzehnten beherrscht, aber es vor allem das Verdienst der grossartigen Hauptdarstellerin Atsuko Maeda.» SRF Kultur, Georges Wyrsch

«Ein elegant-flüssig inszeniertes Reisetagebuch mit Sinn für Spannung.» Züritipp, Pascal Blum

«In To the Ends of the Earth erkundet der japanische Horror-Spezialist Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Pulse) das vielschichtige, facettenreiche Wesen einer Frau, die ihre Ängste durch die Kraft der Neugier überwindet.» cineman, Björn Schneider

«Ein tief persönliches Projekt, das durch seine souveräne Erzähllinie und eine schwerelose Inszenierung besticht.» film bulletin, Patrick Straumann 

«Kiyoshi Kurosawa à son sommet!» Les Inrockuptibles

«Invité à tourner en Ouzbékistan, le Japonais Kiyoshi Kurosawa se livre à une mise en abyme belle et inattendue en filmant les pérégrinations de la pop star Atsuko Maeda, impressionnante en animatrice télé larguée dans des paysages inconnus.» Libération

«Un beau portrait de femme initiatique, filmé par un Kiyoshi Kurosawa plus sensible que jamais.» franceinfo

«Après les invasions extraterrestres (Avant que nous disparaissions) et un voisin maléfique (Creepy), Kurosawa filme la rencontre tragicomique d'une femme avec elle-même. Une balade existentielle.» Marie Claire

«Un "Lost in Translation" en Ouzbékistan.» Le Journal du Dimanche

Kiyoshi Kurosawa is known for his horror films that turn a familiar world upside down. Here, the opposite takes place. The more TV reporter Yoko gets lost in the unfamiliar streets of Uzbekistan the more she connects with it. While Kurosawa doesn’t loosen his grip over film language to maximise suspense, he might be signalling a new direction, exemplified by its Japanese title: “The end of a journey, the beginning of a world”. Festival Locarno, Julian Ross

«Le maître japonais du fantastique capte avec délicatesse l’étrangeté familière des cultures lointaines.» Le Temps, Antoine Duplan

«Offbeat international co-production dramatizes culture-clashes in beguiling, freewheeling style.» Hollywood Reporter

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