Et la vie continue - Zendegi edamé dârad


Et la vie continue - Zendegi edamé dârad

Abbas KiarostamiIran – 1992

Together with his young son a father heads off for an inimitable quest: By car they drive through the nightmarish chaos of the erathquake catastrophe from 1990. The destruction demanded over 50'000 deaths, entire villages were razed to the ground. People report how they were suddenly faced with the catastrophe, standing in front of nothing, having lost their entire families with over thirty relatives. But still the film is not a report of terror.

Original Title Et la vie continue - Zendegi edamé dârad
German Title Und das Leben geht weiter
French Title Et la vie continue
Other Titles Life and Nothing More - E la vita continua
Directed by Abbas Kiarostami
Country Iran
Available Formats 35mm
Screenplay Abbas Kiarostami
Film Editing Abbas Kiarostami, Changiz Sayad
Soundtrack Antonio Vivaldi
Cinematography Homayun Pievar
Costumes Hassan Zahidi
Production Ali Reza Zarrin
Runtime 96 Min.
Language Farsi/d/f
Farhad Kheradmand Vater
Pooya Pievar Sohn
Hocine Rifahi
Ferhendeh Feydi
Mahrem Feydi
Bahrovz Aydini
Ziya Babai

Prix Roberto Rossellini 1992; Prix François Truffaut 1992; Prix Un Certain Regard Cannes 1992.


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