Renowned old musician Mamo has been granted permission to perform a concert in Iraqi Kurdistan. His faithful friend Kako will drive a school bus and help gather together Mamo's ten musical adult sons, scattered throughout Iranian Kurdistan.

Mamo is determined to make this trip across the majestic landscape despite all obstacles. The old Kurdish musician has waited some 35 years for the chance to perform freely again in Iraqi Kurdistan. Mamo even ignores his son's premonition that something awful awaits him before the next full moon.

Mamo is convinced that the essence of the upcoming performance is the celestial voice of a woman. He has chosen Hesho, who lives in a mountain retreat with 1334 other exiled female singers. Old Mamo must persuade reluctant Hesho to join them, because her self-confidence and voice have been weakened by oppression. Since women are forbidden to sing in front of men in public in Iran, Hesho must be carefully concealed in the bus.

The journey of Mamo and his musical group is not without difficulties. But persistent Mamo guides everyone toward adventure, emotion and magic ...

Original Title Half Moon
German Title Halbmond
French Title Demie lune
Other Titles Half Moon
Directed by Bahman Ghobadi
Country Iraq
Available Formats
Screenplay Bahman Ghobadi
Film Editing Hayedeh Safiyari
Soundtrack Hossein Alizadeh
Cinematography Nigel Bluck, Crighton Bone
Sound Bahman Ardlan
Décors Mansooreh Yazdanjoo, Bahman Ghobadi
Production Bahman Ghobadi
Runtime 107 Min.
Language Kurdisch, Farsi/d/f
Ismail Ghaffari Mamo
Allah Morad Rashtiani Kako, Bus Driver
Hedye Tehrani Hesho, Singer
Hassan Poorshirazi Border Policeman
Golshifteh Farahani Niwemang

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