Honeymoons - Medeni Mesec


Honeymoons - Medeni Mesec

Goran PaskaljevicSerbia – 2009

In hope of a better life, two young couples leave their respective countries. Melinda and Nik leave Albania by boat for Italy, in order to be able to live out their forbidden love. Vera and Marko leave Serbia by train for Austria, traveling through Hungary. Marko, a talented cellist, has the opportunity to enter the renowned Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. But upon their arrival at the border, and even though their visas are in order, their problems begin. Despite the fact that they have nothing to do with a serious incident that took place the night before in Kosovo, and because of unfortunate coincidences, they are arrested. Their hope to realize all their dreams in Europe, synonym for the Promised Land, disappear. As is often the case with young people from the Balkans, they are paying for the previous generations' mistakes.

Original Title Honeymoons - Medeni Mesec
German Title Honeymoons
French Title Honeymoons
Other Titles Viaggio di nozze
Directed by Goran Paskaljevic
Country Serbia
Available Formats 35mm, DVD
Screenplay Goran Paskaljevic, Genc Permeti
Film Editing Petar Putnikovic
Soundtrack Rade Krstic
Cinematography Milan Spasic
Sound Branko Neskov
Décors Durim Neziri, Zeljko Antovic
Costumes Lana Pavlovic
Production Nova Film, Skandal Productions
Runtime 95 Min.
Language Serbisch, Albanisch/d/f
Lazar Ristovski
Petar Bozovic
Mira Banjac
Nebojsa Milovanovic
Vlasta Velisavljevic
Danica Ristovski
Jelena Trkulja
Bujar Lako
Yllka Mujo
Mirela Naska
Jozef Shiroka

Mostra Dell'Arte Cinematografica di Venezia

Public Prize Filmfestival Thessaloniki

Toronto International Filmfestival

Pusan International Filmfestival

«Paskaljevic is a master of framing and long takes, in which one emotion follows another like waves in the same shot.» Hollywood Reporter


«Honeymoons ist ein ebenso cleverer wie atmosphärischer Film... er findet die perfekte Mischung aus Drama und Komik, um die schicksalhafte Ausreise zweier junger Paare nicht nur zu illustrieren sondern auf eine höhere Ebene zu führen.»


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