The hope of a better life in Europe comes at a high price. Nigeria is separated from the gateway to Europe on the Moroccan coast by more than 3'000 kilometres. During a journey organised by smugglers through the Sahara, Hope, a young Nigerian, meets Cameroonian refugee Léonard. Although snubbed by him, Hope remains at his heels. She knows that Léonard is the only chance she has of surviving this journey. Director Boris Lojkine shot this award-winning drama on location along the world’s most frequented migration route, and uses the story of its two protagonists to make tangible the tragic fate of many refugees.

Original Title Hope
German Title Hope
French Title Hope
Other Titles Hope
Directed by Boris Lojkine
Country Nigeria
Available Formats Blu-ray
Screenplay Boris Lojkine
Film Editing Gilles Volta
Soundtrack David Bryant
Cinematography Elin Kirschfink
Sound Marc-Olivier Brullé
Production Zadig Films
Runtime 91 Min.
Language Französisch, Englisch, Arabisch/d + f
Justin Wang
Endurance Newton
Dieudonne Bertrand Balo'o
Bobby Igiebor
Richmond Ndiri Kouassi

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