The Shuar Indians live on the western edge of the tropical rain forest, between the lowlands of the Amazon to the east and the highlands of the Andes to the west, in territory belonging to both Ecuador and Peru. "When I was still a child, my grandfather used to take me by the hand to the top of a hill. He walked with a cane, but was still strong. He said, 'This is Shuar land and the one created it is called Arútam. When I die, you children must defend our land.' These words are deeply embedded in my memory" (Antonio Chiriap, Regional President of the Shuar Federation).

Original Title Shuar
German Title Shuar
French Title Shuar
Other Titles Shuar
Directed by Lisa Faessler
Country Ecuador
Available Formats
Screenplay Claudia Martini, Lisa Faessler
Film Editing Marlies Graf Dätwyler
Cinematography Konrad Kotowski
Sound Volker Idelberger
Runtime 89 Min.
Language Shuar, Spanisch/d

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