C'eravamo tanto amati


C'eravamo tanto amati

Ettore ScolaItaly – 1974

During World War II, Antonio (Nino Manfredi), Gianni (Vittorio Gassman) and Nicola (Stefania Sandrelli) are activists fighting for Italy's liberation from Nazi occupation. When the war ends and their ideals must change, the three men take different life paths. Antonio and Nicola incorporate their beliefs into adulthood, whereas Gianni takes a more affluent job as a lawyer's assistant. When the group reunites after several decades, their discourse unearths hostility and unsettling realizations.

Original Title C'eravamo tanto amati
German Title Wir waren so verliebt
French Title Nous nous sommes tant aimés!
Other Titles We All Loved Each Other So Much
Directed by Ettore Scola
Country Italy
Available Formats Blu-ray, DCP
Screenplay Agenore Incrocci, Ettore Scola, Furio Scarpelli
Film Editing Raimondo Crociani
Soundtrack Armando Trovajoli
Cinematography Claudio Cirillo
Sound Vittorio Massi
Décors Luciano Ricceri
Costumes Luciano Ricceri
Production Pio Angeletti, Adriano De Micheli
Runtime 124 Min.
Language Italienisch/d
Nino Manfredi Antonio
Vittorio Gassman Gianni Perego
Stefania Sandrelli Luciana Zanon
Stefano Satta Flores Nicola Palumbo
Giovanna Ralli Elide Catenacci
Aldo Fabrizi Romolo Catenacci
Mike Bongiorno Mike Bongiorno
Federico Fellini Federico Fellini
Marcello Mastroianni Marcello Mastroianni

Piazza Grande Locarno 1975


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