On the outskirts of N'Djamena in Chad, Amina lives alone with her only 15-year-old daughter Maria. Her already fragile world collapses the day she discovers that her daughter is pregnant. The teenager does not want this pregnancy. In a country where abortion is not only condemned by religion, but also by law, Amina finds herself facing a battle that seems lost in advance...

Original Title Lingui
German Title Lingui
French Title Lingui
Other Titles Lingui
Directed by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun
Country Chad
Available Formats
Screenplay Mahamat-Saleh Haroun
Film Editing Marie-Hélène Dozo
Soundtrack Wasis Diop
Cinematography Mathieu Giombini
Sound Thomas Bouric
Production Florence Stern, Pili Films et Goï-Goï Productions
Runtime 87 Min.
Language Französisch, Chadic/d/f
Achouackh Abakar Souleymane Amina
Rihane Khalil Alio Maria
Youssouf Djaoro Brahim
Briya Gomdigue Fanta
Hadjé Fatimé Ngoua La sage femme

«The intense, focused performances from the two central women keep this drama in a hyper-alert state.» The Guardian, Peter Bradshaw

«Taking a chance outside his comfort zone, with Lingui Haroun focuses on the strength and resilience of women in the face of a dangerously patriarchal society.» RogerEbert, Marya E. Gates

«Gorgeous and affecting.» The Hollywood Reporter, Lovia Gyarkye

«The mother-daughter relationship is finely drawn and moving.» RogerEbert, Ben Kenigsberg

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