O Acidente


O Acidente

Bruno CarboniBrazil – 2022

The cyclist Joana is involved in an odd accident, where she is carried on the hood of a car for a block. Joana leaves unharmed and decides to hid this incident from her partner Cecilia. When a strange video of the accident emerges, Joana's omission is exposed. She starts little by little to get involved in the life of the family who run over her.

Original Title O Acidente
German Title O Acidente
French Title O Acidente
Other Titles The Accident
Directed by Bruno Carboni
Country Brazil
Available Formats
Screenplay Marcela Ilhar Bordin, Bruno Carboni
Film Editing Germano de Oliveira, Bruno Carboni
Soundtrack Maria Beraldo
Cinematography Glauco Firpo
Sound Tiago Bello, Marcos Lopes
Décors Richard Tavares
Costumes Gabriela Guëz
Production Vulcana Cinema, Toyko Filmes
Runtime 95 Min.
Language Portugiesisch
Carol Martins Joana
Carina Sehn Cecilia
Luis Felipe Xavier Maicon
Gabriela Greco Elaine
Marcello Crawshaw Cléber

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